Make Enjoying Nature Part of Your 2016!

We take care of what we love, so falling in love with nature is a great first step toward protecting wildlife, wild places and the environment.

A Mature Buck In Havenwood Park

A Mature Buck In Havenwood Park

Here on the Westshore we are close to some incredible parks and one of my favorites Havenwood is just a short walk away from my home.

Meadow in Havenwood Park

Meadow in Havenwood Park

Having a stroll in your own backyard to the nearest park or other type of natural area is a great way to enjoy a relationship with our natural world.

Havenwood Park Strollers

Havenwood Park Strollers

Take along some family members or friends because getting people outside is a great way to open their eyes to the natural world and helps build public support for conservation efforts.

Havenwood Nature Lovers

Havenwood Nature Lovers


Havenwood Columbian black-tailed deer


HavenwoodPark_Wildflowers 015_cropped - Copy

Havenwood Bumblebee in Camas


                             Happy New Year to all nature lovers in 2016!


About Friends of Havenwood Park

"Friends of Havenwood Park" helping to preserve the park's natural environment by raising community awareness and connecting people with nature.
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