The Start Of A New Havenwood Douglas fir Forest

Prior to the extreme wind storm in 2006 this location in the park was an intact healthy Douglas fir forest. During that storm mature trees were blown down opening the disturbed area up to invasive plant growth such as Scotch broom, Himalayan blackberry and Orchard grass.


As noted in a previous post back in May 2014 there was a volunteer event held to help clear this area of the broom that had moved in.

Group Photo...all except for a couple volunteers who needed to leave a bit early.

Group Photo…all except for a couple volunteers who needed to leave a bit early.

Now in 2015 this project initiated by H.A.T. and carried out with the help of Colwood Parks, F.O.H.P and volunteers along with some grant money has started the restoration of this location in the park.

To begin the Colwood Parks Department used machinery to strip the land of invasive plants and much of their seed bank . Then volunteers followed by clearing the remaining broom and blackberry debris on the site in preparation for the planting.


About 10 yards of topsoil was trucked in and spread over the excavated soil making ready for planting day.

150 native plants including Douglas Fir seedlings, some little Arbutus tree plugs, snowberry and bald-hip rose were purchased for planting in this new “native vegetation community”.

Havenwood-2015_DouglasFirForest_restored (3)

Two large dump truck loads of leaf mulch were generously provided by “Victoria Parks”.

2015-Havenwood DougFir-Restore_mulching (3)

As part of the leaf mulching process cardboard was rounded up from local merchants.

2015-Havenwood DougFir-Restore__cardboard

2015-Havenwood DougFir-Restore_mulching (6)


Wheelbarrows and pitchforks were used to spread the leaf mulch over a layer of cardboard.



2015-Havenwood DougFir-Restore_mulching (7)


The addition of a trail through this newly planted Havenwood forest is planned which will provide good access for park users to watch these native plants grow throughout the years to come.


Site before planting…..


and after planting…..

Havenwood-2015_DouglasFirForest_restored (2)






What a wonderful way to end a year of environmental restoration work in Havenwood Park, and anticipate the completion of the work on this site along with the beginning of new projects in 2016!


About Friends of Havenwood Park

"Friends of Havenwood Park" helping to preserve the park's natural environment by raising community awareness and connecting people with nature.
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One Response to The Start Of A New Havenwood Douglas fir Forest

  1. Alf Birch says:

    Wonderful to see the steps that have been taken to protect and renew the beauty and integrity of the park. So much can be done when people care and work together.

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