Another Successful Havenwood Garry Oak Meadow Conservation Event!

The Scotch Broom removal on August 29th was accomplished very successfully thanks to the dedicated group of volunteers who graciously gave some of their time and energy to help out this rare and endangered Garry Oak Ecosystem in the park.

Havenwod-Aug29-2015_Broom-Pull (5)

Havenwod-Aug29-2015_Broom-Pull (4)

It was a perfect day for tackling this non-native invasive weed that is threatening the Garry Oak Meadow.

Havenwod-Aug29-2015_Broom-Pull (1)It was a good day for the “weed warriors” and a bad day for the weeds!

Much credit also goes to the Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) for a great job in organizing this event.

Havenwod-Aug29-2015_Broom-Pull (6)

It felt good to be contributing to the park’s conservation while getting some fresh air and exercise in the park with a great group of volunteers!

Havenwod-Aug29-2015_Broom-Pull (2)


Here are a couple photos taken in the spring of Scotch Broom invading native wildflower growth in this area of the park.

Havenwood_Lower_rocky-outcrop (9)    Havenwood_Lower_rocky-outcrop (7)

Without the help of volunteers HAT’s job to help conserve Havenwood Park’s natural ecosystems could not get done. FOHP encourages anyone interested in preserving this parks natural legacy to consider volunteering for future Havenwood restoration events.

About Friends of Havenwood Park

"Friends of Havenwood Park" helping to preserve the park's natural environment by raising community awareness and connecting people with nature.
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