March 2012 Broom Pull Another Successful Fun Event!

I am pleased to be posting more info on the efforts to stop Scotch Broom from invading the Garry Oak ecosystems in Havenwood Park.

This is also an opportunity to also thank Peter Papagiannis and the other dedicated H.A.T. staff  who helped initate and organize this recent event.

Excerpt from the Habitat Acquisition Trust Blog Post:

SMUS Crew Pulls Broom

When it comes to carrying broom, bundled in large tarpaulines down a steep mountain face, there is quite a bit of team work that is required. We were fortunate enough to have a large group of young men from St. Michaels University School (SMUS) who were up to the challenge and worked in unison to clear a large amount of the invasive plant from Havenwood Park. A typical Saturday afternoon for a teenager may involve playing video games or watching a movie with friends but these boys decided to get away from all of that and immerse themselves in nature. They used their teenage energy to help restore an important ecosystem in one of HAT’s covenants that also serves as a public park to the residents of Colwood.

The crew pictured below, surrounding their giganctic haul of broom from the afternoon will be able to see the results of their hardwork come Spring, when native species are able to bloom on the rocky outcrop they cleared.


Thank you to all the students who worked really hard on this sunny afternoon and to their house parents Cam and Chris, for organizing and helping out throughout the day. Special thanks to Laurie Parker for helping to organize this event between SMUS and HAT.

About Friends of Havenwood Park

"Friends of Havenwood Park" helping to preserve the park's natural environment by raising community awareness and connecting people with nature.
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