Havenwood Park Restoration Event!

Saturday 25 March 2017 from 10:00am – 03:00pm

Meet at the “Veterans Memorial Park Way” entrance.

Since this restoration site was planted with native plants in 2015 some weeds have started growing.

Havenwood_DouglasFirForest-restoration (6)

Help stop non-native invasive plants from outcompeting the native plants volunteers worked so hard to put in the ground!

SIGN UP by RSVPing to   volunteers@hat.bc.ca

Click this link for a poster to share:   Havenwood-Park-Mar-25_2017-Restoration-Event

Thank you to Royal Bay Bakery for agreeing to sponsor this event with pastries for our volunteers.

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Upcoming Havenwood Park Restoration Day

On Saturday, June 11th there is going to be another Havenwood Park Restoration Day held between 10:00am and 2:30pm. Habitat Acquisition Trust will be teaming up with Friends of Havenwood Park and the Greater Victoria Green Team, pulling invasive weeds in order to help restore this beautiful natural space!

Everyone is welcome! Sandwiches, coffee, snacks, tools, and training will be provided. You might even come away with some extra goodies as a reward for all your hard work provided by Lush an event sponsor!

Remember to bring sunscreen, weather-appropriate clothing, water, and even a friend! If you have your own tools, you’re welcome to bring those too.

This event will start at the park entrance on Veterans Memorial Parkway where there is plenty of parking space. From there it is a short walk to the restoration site.

Please RSVP to HAT (either by emailing volunteers@hat.bc.ca, or by calling 250-995-2428) for more details including directions.


Havenwood Park Restoration Day


Here is a link to the event map. If you need a ride just let H.A.T. know as they are arranging car pooling.

Havenwood Park_Event Map

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Havenwood’s New “Grad Corner”

There is an exciting new addition to Havenwood Park now known as “Grad Corner”!

This FOHP initiative was a project intended to give the first graduating class of Colwood’s new Royal Bay High School an opportunity to be environmental stewards of the park.

The Graduating Committee wholeheartedly accepted the proposal and it then became an official grad project choice for students.


GradCorner_poster - cropped


This restoration project has been a very successful collaborative effort with participation from Royal Bay High School, the City of Colwood, Habitat Acquisition Trust and Friends of Havenwood Park.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course the most praise for this environmental restoration in the park goes to the students who were willing to make this their graduation project!


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Make Enjoying Nature Part of Your 2016!

We take care of what we love, so falling in love with nature is a great first step toward protecting wildlife, wild places and the environment.

A Mature Buck In Havenwood Park

A Mature Buck In Havenwood Park

Here on the Westshore we are close to some incredible parks and one of my favorites Havenwood is just a short walk away from my home.

Meadow in Havenwood Park

Meadow in Havenwood Park

Having a stroll in your own backyard to the nearest park or other type of natural area is a great way to enjoy a relationship with our natural world.

Havenwood Park Strollers

Havenwood Park Strollers

Take along some family members or friends because getting people outside is a great way to open their eyes to the natural world and helps build public support for conservation efforts.

Havenwood Nature Lovers

Havenwood Nature Lovers


Havenwood Columbian black-tailed deer


HavenwoodPark_Wildflowers 015_cropped - Copy

Havenwood Bumblebee in Camas


                             Happy New Year to all nature lovers in 2016!

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The Start Of A New Havenwood Douglas fir Forest

Prior to the extreme wind storm in 2006 this location in the park was an intact healthy Douglas fir forest. During that storm mature trees were blown down opening the disturbed area up to invasive plant growth such as Scotch broom, Himalayan blackberry and Orchard grass.


As noted in a previous post back in May 2014 there was a volunteer event held to help clear this area of the broom that had moved in.

Group Photo...all except for a couple volunteers who needed to leave a bit early.

Group Photo…all except for a couple volunteers who needed to leave a bit early.

Now in 2015 this project initiated by H.A.T. and carried out with the help of Colwood Parks, F.O.H.P and volunteers along with some grant money has started the restoration of this location in the park.

To begin the Colwood Parks Department used machinery to strip the land of invasive plants and much of their seed bank . Then volunteers followed by clearing the remaining broom and blackberry debris on the site in preparation for the planting.


About 10 yards of topsoil was trucked in and spread over the excavated soil making ready for planting day.

150 native plants including Douglas Fir seedlings, some little Arbutus tree plugs, snowberry and bald-hip rose were purchased for planting in this new “native vegetation community”.

Havenwood-2015_DouglasFirForest_restored (3)

Two large dump truck loads of leaf mulch were generously provided by “Victoria Parks”.

2015-Havenwood DougFir-Restore_mulching (3)

As part of the leaf mulching process cardboard was rounded up from local merchants.

2015-Havenwood DougFir-Restore__cardboard

2015-Havenwood DougFir-Restore_mulching (6)


Wheelbarrows and pitchforks were used to spread the leaf mulch over a layer of cardboard.



2015-Havenwood DougFir-Restore_mulching (7)


The addition of a trail through this newly planted Havenwood forest is planned which will provide good access for park users to watch these native plants grow throughout the years to come.


Site before planting…..


and after planting…..

Havenwood-2015_DouglasFirForest_restored (2)






What a wonderful way to end a year of environmental restoration work in Havenwood Park, and anticipate the completion of the work on this site along with the beginning of new projects in 2016!

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Recent Havenwood Park Environmental Restoration Article (Goldstream News Gazette)

Here is the link to the article:


Volunteer Marlo Shaw carries holly out of Havenwood Park.

Volunteer Marlo Shaw carries holly out of Havenwood Park.

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An Invitation To Help Restore Havenwood Park

Please consider attending and spend some quality time with other friends and neighbors helping out our local nature park on Friday, November 6th and/or Saturday, November 28th!

Havenwood Park_Nov_6 Poster

The first event is on November 6th, when we will be doing clean-up and site preparation for the second event on November 28th. On the 28th we will be planting some native species in the park!

 For both events there will be coffee, snacks, and introductions taking place at 9:30am with work taking place from around 10am-2pm.

HAT ( http://www.hat.bc.ca/ ) will provide tools, gloves, snacks, training and rides if needed, so you only need to bring some lunch, water, and weather-suitable gear.

We will be meeting at the park’s entrance on Veteran’s Memorial Parkway, and from there people can either walk in to the park or drive to the work location.

Havenwood_Nov-2015_Parking Map

If you would like to attend either of these events RSVP to volunteers@hat.bc.ca or give them a call at (250) 995-2428, or just use our website contact form and FOHP will let them know you want to participate. Drop-ins are also welcome.

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